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Having an overabundance of body and/or facial hair.
<Zeke> OMG I just cleaned out my shaver: it looks like I was harboring a Wookie!
by carrieparker October 28, 2007
When a guy has an excessive amount of unflattering facial or body hair.
Oh my GOD, Zeke's growing a beard ... he looks like he's harboring a wookie.
by carrieparker July 07, 2007
Straining on the toilet to release an over-sized piece of crap causing you to exclaim "wraaaaaauuuugh" (meaning "Mommmmy!" in Kashykk-speak); when the offending fecal matter is finally released and inspected before flushing, it is covered in ripped out butt-hairs.
From the WC: "Wraaaaaauuuuuugh!!!!"
Joe: "Hey, is that Bob in there?"
Betsy: "Oh, yeah, sounds like he is Harboring a Wookie again...maybe he needs a laxative?"
by ChewbaccaPooey May 06, 2009
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