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A period of time, seemingly interminable, when you are devoid of sexual partners and sexual contact.
Car: So, you and Steve still haven't hooked up?
Stacy: No, not yet - it's like we're in a fuckuum!
by carrieparker December 31, 2007
Having an overabundance of body and/or facial hair.
<Zeke> OMG I just cleaned out my shaver: it looks like I was harboring a Wookie!
by carrieparker October 28, 2007
A suspected hard-on (but not confirmed or confirmable i.e. the suspect is clothed.)
<M>OMG, Zeke has been making out with Car for the last hour and a half!
<B>w00t! Ghost chub!
by carrieparker October 28, 2007
A suspected (but not verified) hard-on.
Making out without sex almost always produces a ghost chub.
Zeke and Marie were making out: what do you want to bet Zeke's got ghost chub?
by carrieparker July 08, 2007
Flatulance gotten specifically from, and/or smelling of, flautas.
<Q> OMG, who is stinking up the place???
<A> Zeke is; he had mexican food for lunch; now he's got serious flautulence!
by carrieparker April 01, 2007
When a guy has an excessive amount of unflattering facial or body hair.
Oh my GOD, Zeke's growing a beard ... he looks like he's harboring a wookie.
by carrieparker July 07, 2007
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