Hippy African Raggae Bongo
Jazzy: woah!! that drum is wicked brohan!

Kali: hahahah yeah!!! i know zolanda! its a HARB
by Philip Richardz July 10, 2008
Top Definition
One who is picked. The favorite.
The thing that is most sought after.
1. Just as expected, the harb won the race.
2. The steak Angela picked out was definitely the harb.
by Jadey Hansen September 25, 2006
To state the obvious
Person one: *touches fire* Fire is hot!

Person two: *laughs* Harb
by Sunset Fox May 01, 2013
A mad hot, crazy chick with a small frame of 5'2" and an explosive bust of DD's.
"Harbs is the hottest chick in this town man, I wanna tap that"
by turny03 December 23, 2004
A sound made after spacing out, with an over exxageration on the B
*Spacing Out*

"John, You there?"
by Turtle Jr. August 06, 2014
A term that refers to an individual or an object that possesses the trait of homosexuality.
"Dude, quit staring at that other's dude's junk...you're such a harb!!!"
by Professor Zimbabwe May 26, 2007
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