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1. Opposite of sadmad

2. Someone who consistently posts on a social networking site about how awesome their life is.
Becky - "I love my job! My life is great!"
Becky - "Oh wow, I got off early today! Awesome!"
Becky - "Lunch with my mom is so fun~"
Becky - "I wish everyone could have as great a life as me"
John - "Oh my god, Becky, stop being so happyglad. We don't need to know everything you think is good in your life."
by ThatOneTumblrChick December 28, 2012
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The opposite of sadmad.
The cops couldn't prove that I purchased the cocaine so I only got charged with posession! I'm so fucking happyglad!
by RTJR January 23, 2011

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