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a happy greeting to fellow co-workers on Fridays because it is the end of the work week.
coworker1 - Happy Friday! imma get wasted tonight!
coworker2 - Happy Friday! i waited forever for this day to come.
by lazyazn March 09, 2009
Code phase used as a greeting in business to mean "Fuck you".
"Sure boss, I'll work the weekend. Happy Friday!"
by lrghuevos March 12, 2010
a noun describing a friday in which you and a couple friends got high off a joint. it can also be used at a greeting.
Happy Friday! mo' fuckas
by aichi May 17, 2008
Can be shortened to HF.
Similar to saying Happy Birthday.
I'm so glad today is Friday and am gonna have weekend off work!
Co workers:Good Morning...
Co worker: Morning...
Me: Happy Friday
by Miss JRD July 28, 2012
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