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{hap-ee ouuhr fing-ger}
When you go to happy hour after work and purposely or accidentally don't invite a coworker, associate, or friend.

Similar to lunch finger.
Joe: Quickly get your coat on! Judy's still copying a few more documents. By the time, she's done, we can be at McDougal's enjoying cheap beer!

Sasha: That's so rude! If we leave now, then she won't know which bar we went to.

Joe: Duh! We don't need to invite her for all her brown nosing with the boss all this and last week.

Sasha: Sigh! Hurry up Randolph! Tell Charlene we giving Judy the Happy Hour Finger once again and ditching her here another time.
by Tsarstepan November 17, 2011
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