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Hansika is the adjective that describes a mother that everyone wants and is so great just like Mother Theresa.
My mom is so Hansika.
I wish my mother was as Hansika as hers.
by Someone on earth October 24, 2010
A name for a beautiful, slender stunner. She is smart and kind, but is often taken advantage of. Many people want to get with her but she's too good for them. However, she is in no way conceited.
Josh: How was that party?
Ben: Yeah it was alright.
Josh: What happened? You tried to get with Hansika right?
Ben: Yep! Shouldn't have though, she's out of my league.

Boy 1: Who's that chick? Looks like a Hansika.
Boy 2: That is Hansika.
by awesomepoo100 April 21, 2011
Less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age, which basically means retarded.
I was so Hansika when I did that.
by Someone on earth October 24, 2010

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