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An over-exuberant feeling about your town when in reality, it’s just a typical middle-American town. The need by someone that is probably insecure to extol the virtues of a town that doesn’t stand out in any one way. The presence of some affluent abutting towns does not help the need for them to brag about their town. The resident will even argue its “high tax-rate” is a “good thing”. They don’t understand how the tax rate is merely one variable component of the tax base. As long as it’s the “highest” (perceived to be best), in something, that is a good thing. According to them, there is nothing flawed in their town; everything is “The Best”. The fact is that their town rarely appears at the top of any flattering list. Not that it’s a bad town to live in; it just isn’t anything to “write home” about.
That town on the South Shore is Hanoverated!
by c-dog nights July 05, 2010
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