boring town in midwestern ontario, predominantly white, and more than a few knobjobs and a shitload of meth heads. also, girls here give shitty ass head.she had thunder thighs, lets just say i didn't go to the candy shop.
i went down to hanover, picked up a girl, and long story short, ended up jerking off in my 4x4
by K dizzie October 14, 2006
the boringest town in MA, even though it has a mall, movies, bowling alley, and star land. known for its many woods. you are either rich or poor in hanover, and depending on what you are, you stick with them. if you live in hanover woods, you're screwed.
hey grab a six pack and we can drink in those hanover woods
by boringhanover December 28, 2006
A small town in South Shore of Massachusetts is basically a town where you are either rich or poor, no inbetween. The whole town has almost no diversity. Almost all whiteys. The school system is full of boys and girls who like to smell sharpies a little too much. The girls dress like they walked out of a Hollister, with apsolutely no curves and the boys dress like complete trash. The only reason anyone moves here is because of the "good school system" or you wont be accepted anywhere else. There are almost no sidewalks so you can't walk anywhere and It is probably one of the shittiest town in the south shore.

Welcome to Hanover.

PS- Take it from someone who has lived there their whole life.
"Dude, I need some pot. Where should we get some?"
"Uhhh... Hanover?"
by E!!en...WOAH July 21, 2008
a worthless town on the south shore of massachusetts. known for its shitty highschool, stupid drama, ugly people, tons of drugs, ignorant uglies, and lame parties. many people are complete dumbasses and fail at their pathetic lives. very boring besides the bonfire. also consists of foolish ignorant assholes who do not know anything besides what goes on with themselves. the reason why i go to other towns to kick it.
hanover is the shittiest town on the south shore. it has a highschool which is falling apart and annoying bitches who don't know how to party. do not move here. i hate it. i want to move.
by the bitch next door May 26, 2008
A small town that knows how to party. If your a nerd you will most likely hate the town and then post about it a few years after you graduate on
Them hanover kid sure do enjoy their busch lights.
I'm from hanover, but I'm to cool I kick it elsewhere.
by weaintsleptinweeks2 December 06, 2009
a girl who can't be faithful to her boyfriend.
slut, unfaithful, cum dumpster, hanover, messy person, jewish, rides cock like a person having a seizure, meat wallet, boston pancake, a bad one night stand,
by wills crazy February 23, 2009
After a night of heavy drinking, you wake up the next morning in a great mood with little to no hangover sickness.
Johnny: "haha, you were fucked last night bro"

Brendan: "Yeah i know, but i have a hanover so its all good"

Johnny: "True say bro"
by JCDeathwish March 28, 2010

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