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Isn't about the man... its about the legend. Whether it be consuming copious amounts of whiskey, grabbing a room full of people's attention, being a well spoken intelligent individual, Hanktards proves one thing... he doesn't fuck around
All my life I wanted to be the center of attention, I wanted people to be amused by my jokes, more importantly I wish I was like Hanktards.
by bdeezee June 01, 2006
A teenage to early-twenties male who is unkempt, smelly, and probably hairy.

Portrays the facade of intelligence, but ultimately is a small boy stuck in a teenager's body. May come off as arrogant, but don't be fooled. Catchphrases of a hanktard include "dirty", "kitty", and "peanut butter", but as a warning, he refuses requests. Proceed with caution.
"Hey, what do you want for dinner?"
"No, HANK, seriously, what do you want for dinner?"
"Peanut butter."
"Ok, what do you want to put the peanut butter on? Toast? Bagel?"
"UGH! Stop being such a hanktard!!!"
by ClaireD May 05, 2006

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