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Hank J. Wimbleton is the suggested protagonist from the internet animation series "Madness Combat". He appeared in every episode but "Marshmallow Madness"; after being killed in Madness Redeemer where Hank came after the sheriff only to be shot in the head by a figure similar to Jesus Christ in "Madness" styled form (This figure is known as Jebus), he was given a second chance to get the Sheriff in Madness Avenger. He killed the Sheriff at the end of the animation only after being literally stabbed in the back by Jebus with a sword, using that sword to cut open the Sheriff and shoot him in the face with a shotgun, which was used to kill Jebus too. In Madness Apotheosis, he is given another chance to live, though he now is bandaged up in the stomach and the head, he seeks to kill another figure, a clown who is being thought to control the remnants of the Sheriff's guards. Hank progresses to the room which holds the clown (Who is given the title "Tricky" because of his similarity to the clown fad name of another series dedicated to a clown named Tricky on Newgrounds) killing dozens of men before Jebus comes back, bandaged badly with a "1337 Crew" agent. Hank decides to go avenge himself but is shot by the agent; he promptly slices the agent's face in half, and attacks Jebus who takes out a Desert Eagle and fires it in Hank's face. Hank survives long enough to release a bomb located somewhere in his clothing or body.
Hank comes back to try and find Tricky (Or perhaps Jebus) after another chance; he has a fight with Jebus on a cliff and goes to the bottom of the ravine to fight some agents - Tricky is in the ground and later he is shot in the face; this causes a message to appear "THE CLOWN HAS BEEN ENGAGED" and Tricky goes even more insane and kills both Jebus and after a fight with Hank, rips his head in half.
Hank then comes back to life where he died with a message to find Tricky "if he can" and is given a pistol next to the message. Hank goes to turn off the Improbability Drive which is taped down when he sees the message "Very good! Now see if you can catch me, sucka!" which a train destroys the building and Hank gets to the front of the train. As he does, it flies into a cliff killing 3 people; Hank ventures to fight Tricky who does kill him but strangely revives him afterwards, and makes him chase him through a building. Hank gets up to Tricky, shooting him with his P90, then slamming his battle axe into his skull and forcing him up in the air while still firing a P90, then drops him down a ravine; Tricky considers it "impossible" and goes into what seems like a demon form of himself and becomes nothing like a madness character.
Hank is said to like volleyball and likes to eat pie. He has no remorse for anything he does.
Hank: ?!!
Guard: > !!!
Hank J. Wimbleton promptly kills him afterwards.
by Lard Nar March 03, 2007
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The name of the "hero" of Madness combat, and the following episodes by the flash animator Krinkles. His name is revealed in episode 5, "Madness Apotheosis" on a wanted sign.
Hank J. wimbleton is the most badass mofo ever!
by Jim August 18, 2005

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