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A very unexpected or aggressive advance or act by a person who is usually very quiet, respectful, and reserved.

A person who is normally quiet and mild-mannered in everyday life who, when put in an intimate setting, becomes uncharacteristically charming, bold, and aggressive. Where he normally would have stopped at kissing, may suddenly convert to his "other self" where the unsuspecting girl/victim finds herself bent over a chair or couch while he attempts to give her the "Hank spank."

The word Hank refers to the character in the film "Me, Myself, and Irene," played by Jim Carey. In the movie, his character develops an uninhibited split personality known as Hank.
"Hey, what happened with Arthur and Katie? I saw hear leaving his apartment last night, and boy did she look mad."

"I guess Arthur and her were getting pretty intimate when he decided to give her the Hank Spank."

"Ha ha! Really? I wouldn't have expected that from him. I guess the saying is true: it's always the quiet ones."

"You can say that again!"
by Jobot15 January 30, 2010
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Right before ejaculation while recieving oral sex the male

thunder claps the female on both ears and pulls out and runs away!
Last night I wanted to break up with my girlfriend so I gave her a Hank Spank and got the fuck out.
by The Hamburglar Lives May 16, 2010

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