girl/boy who used to be in your group of friends, but who got annoying. and now he/she isn't getting the hint to go away.
usually people who are so up themselves its undefinable.
friend 1: hey friend 2, want to come to the movies with me?
Friend 2: sure.
hang about: can i come too?
friend 1: no...i dont like you...
hang about: hahaha (uncontrollable laughing) your...your soo funny! lets go get some lunch
friend 1 and 2 have now run off.
by leave me alone! August 15, 2005
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a phrase frequently used by me when my friends are walking incredibly fast for no reason at all, I mean like full on power walking in which it literally means to hang about or to wait for a bit.
Noah: "Hey Max, hang about would you"
Friend: "Aww come on you're such an anchor"

I'd wish they'd use more slag because it would boost my street cred ;D
by DaughterSauce July 28, 2011
to hold on, as in to wait round.
oi girls hang about thats not right, hang about your being rude
by mimi&us March 16, 2012

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