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a phrase frequently used by me when my friends are walking incredibly fast for no reason at all, I mean like full on power walking in which it literally means to hang about or to wait for a bit.
Noah: "Hey Max, hang about would you"
Friend: "Aww come on you're such an anchor"

I'd wish they'd use more slag because it would boost my street cred ;D
by DaughterSauce July 28, 2011
Created by accident on facebook chat, by yours truly whilst typing cool too quickly and laughing at the same time, to create a mega-word combining the two together!
Guy 1: "Yeah i did go to one or two parties and had gig and i was singing Lol!"

Guy 2: "Really!? Colol - I didn't mean to do that."

Gay 1: "Colol, I'd use it"

- and now it is on teh internet to all to see -
by DaughterSauce August 05, 2011
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