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A nasty gutter slut who fell off the ugly tree and hit every fucking branch on the way down. One who closely resembles a cross between an orangutan with down syndrome and the dead girl in the movie, the Ring. One who is married to a unemployed loser who still has yet to come out of the closet. A total slut that will bang, blow, lick, or swallow anything. Anything. An STD-ridden individual with obvious herpes sores on her face (yeah, those aren't chapped lips guys). A total loser who has no friends. An awful wife that has, and will continue to cheat on her husband with anyone. Anyone. A genetic anomaly. A complete and utter failure at life. A Jew.
Is that Gollum??? Oh, never mind... its just a Hanf.

Yo dude, I heard you banged a Hanf last night... you should totally get yourself checked out before that rash spreads to your face.
by KimboSliceYo April 02, 2009
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