using the handicapped stalls for the extra leg room.and the handles are great for extra grunt power.
using the handi-crapper is much like flying first class.
by luvdady September 20, 2009
Top Definition
Toilet Stall dedicated for use of the disabled
All the Regular stalls were full, I had to use the Handicrapper.
by Onz March 04, 2004
A fully mobile person who prefers to use the larger handicapped stalls in restrooms.
Wheelchair Bob really needs to drop a deuce, but there's a handicrapper in the stall.
by thomas hooverbagel July 21, 2010
The handicapped stall in a public restroom.
Oh, girl, my claustrophobia is so bad I have to wait in line for the handicrapper so I won't feel like the stall walls are closing in on me
by Powersiblings January 17, 2011
The handicap toilet in most buildings, restaurants, etc.
Because I like a lot of space when I poop I'll always use the handicrapper!
by Eddy 47 XLVII TYO February 27, 2009
A disabled individual who is pissed off and mad at the world. Disgruntle towards non disabled people.
"you see that guy in the wheelchair run over that guys foot, yeah he looks like a HandiCrapper"
by 69man January 10, 2008
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