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a "butch" lesbian. A girl that goes for the hole instead of the pole.
"She might be a girl, but that bodagger can whip your butt"
by Powersiblings July 20, 2010
The handicapped stall in a public restroom.
Oh, girl, my claustrophobia is so bad I have to wait in line for the handicrapper so I won't feel like the stall walls are closing in on me
by Powersiblings January 17, 2011
An increasingly common condition already afflicting hundreds of thousands worldwide, Facebook Tourette’s renders its victims incapable of discerning the appropriateness of public posts on Facebook. Victims feel compelled to post every detail of the minutia of their lives on the social networking site for everyone to read. In addition, they feel as though they are required to respond to the posts of others, no matter how mundane their responses may be.
If left untreated, Facebook Tourette’s can eventually morph into a full-blown version, whereby its victims feel obliged to share private details about their lives, leading to a host of potentially mortifying revelations shared freely with the entire world.
Dude, you'll never believe what your mom posted on your wall. I know she can't help it, though. That's her Facebook Tourette's talkin'
by powersiblings June 12, 2010
A word used to describe the debris left on your butt if you don't wipe properly after you drop a deuce.
You know me - I'm gonna wipe one extra time - just to make sure there are no dingleballs hanging around.
by Powersiblings July 04, 2010

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