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While talking, moving (or flailing) your hands around as they either help you to talk, or help make a point.
Sometimes a person will not be able to talk unless they are using their hands. To prove this, while they're are talking- hold their hands down. They will shut up if they are inclined to 'hand talk'.

(Seems to be originated mainly from Italians, though not limited to them.)
Person 1: (dodges from being slapped) "Hey! Watch where you're throwing your hands! You nearly hit me!"
Person 2: "Sorry, I can't help it.. I was hand-talking"

Person A: "Why must you talk with your hands? You know they can't see you thru the phone, right?
Person B: "I know, I just can't help but hand-talk."
by BluesQueen February 25, 2011

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