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When a male ejaculates into a females hands.
Ryan "I'm going to cum! Hold out your hands!"
Sarah "oh yeah, I love hand cakes!"
by Smario999 January 01, 2012
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A fail in which a sexually retarded man asks if his girlfriend would like to be hand cuffed. This is caused by a blood rush to areas that are not his brain and somehow splurts out handcake instead of handcuffs.

This totally kills the mood. Don't do this.
Man- "This is hot. Now all we need is some handcakes"

Woman-Excuse me?

Man-"uhm... handcaks?"

Woman- *smacks and leaves*

Man- "I'd like some pancakes right about now..."
by handcakeman May 06, 2009
when a male takes a pan cake, wraps it around his penis and jacks off using it as a sort of make shift vagina. syrup may also be used as lube for increased pleasure.
"I want to try something new sexually involving food to please my sexual desire, lets try the hand cake!"
by miner69ner September 23, 2012
A cell phone that isnt a candy bar or flip type, to name two of the most cell popular styles; usually refers to a Blackberry or similarly shaped device like some of the newer PDA's.
Dude#1: Yo, is that your handcake vibe-in'? Its so slim, I didnt you was packin'.My flip is slim, but the battery fades fast and I miss out on sum lovin sumtimes....
Dude#2: Si, mi compadre. Mi holla-back is en fuego for da hot-n-sweaty. I dont need to carry multiple devices wit dis one. I can talk, text, surf and email, so my girls can get ahold of me any way that want.
Hottie#1: Say, is that a handcake in your pocket? Lets bump hips and I'll text us both for sum vibe pleasures.

Me: I was the one who started lesbohemian and some asshole stole it and put his name on it. Blow me, copycat prick.
by cosmokid December 30, 2007

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