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A hand signal used when enfuriated to express to specific person(s) that they are aggrivating, annoying or perhaps jewish.

Hand thrusting can be done by putting one's hand in a fin like manor on their forehead, and swinging out violently toward the person(s) intended.
Blaine: You remember Yazmin's party?
Ryan: The one where i took my clothes off?
Blaine: Yeah, you remember her sister?
Ryan: Is she the so called "13 year old" that i would so totally do?
Blaine: Yeah! Ah, She could not have been 13!
Craig: What? 13 year old? I only really go for 12 year old's to be fair. Oh yeah, did I tell you that I've just been circumcised. Oh and by the way, I told your girlfriends family that you smoke, do drugs and hit girls.

Ryan: Did he just aggrevate, annoy and be jewish toward us?
Blaine: I think so..

Bryian: DICKHEAD *Hand thrusting*
by Bryian. February 25, 2009
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