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Someone who enjoys the act of being on the receiving end of fist fucking.
Justin Timberlake is a hand puppet
by Lexr December 03, 2003
22 10
someone that does the talking for a boss
eddie vetter of brothers electric was gary nolans hand puppet
by snowowl February 14, 2006
16 6
Slang for a hand gun. Best used in Mickey Spillane-type crime novels.
....just so the broad knew I meant business, I decided to introduce her to my best friend; a hand-puppet I liked to call "Mr. Thrity-Eight"....
by B.M. Jay July 15, 2005
9 5
Someone who enjoyes being fingered/fisted in their anal cavity often.
You fisted her butt? She's a "hand puppet"!
by S. Duong May 26, 2006
9 6