An anime aimed at younger children with an adventurous hamster named Hamtaro who is loved by everyone. Hamtaro is the hero of the show. Even though Hamtaro is clever he is also very clueless.
Hamtaro:If I weren't so excited, I'd be confused.
Top Definition
a Japanese cartoon about a cute hamster with orange and white fur.
Hamtaro looks like my cute little hamster.
by Stacy March 21, 2004
An adorable series made for younger children.
Hamtaro is cute.
by Peach April 20, 2003
The little cute orange hamster
by Flo March 10, 2003
A hamster in a popular children's series of cartoons. he is the hero of the story.
"Hamtaro! what are we going to do?"
by Ham-tar-oh March 16, 2003
1.the best hamster in the world, or the cute little orange animi t.v programme for all ages.
ticky-ticky kush-kush
by sam November 19, 2003
Hamtaro is an anime show about the adventures of a cute hamster named Hamtaro. It's pronounced "ham-tar-oh," depite the default pronunciation. Most people think of it as babyish, but preteens like me can enjoy it! And STOP cussing, people! Little kiddies might be reading!
Jingle: Hey there, Hamtaco.
Hamtaro: It's Hamtaro!
by Die-hard Hamtaro Fan July 17, 2003
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