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Good stuff, man.
Without music, life would be a mistake.
by Peach April 20, 2003
Nintendo's newest system, which is actually quite good and has a decent selection of games.
People who bash the Gamecube are more than likely no older than 12. :)
by Peach April 20, 2003
Game series about the adventures of a young boy (or boys, no one really knows if it's the same kid each time) who must save the world from evil.
The newest Zelda game is quite awesome indeed.
by Peach April 20, 2003
An adorable series made for younger children.
Hamtaro is cute.
by Peach April 20, 2003
1.) A male who enjoys the company of women.
2.) A male in a situation where he is distracted by women.
1.) Vlad you horndawg!
2.) Hey, just don't let yourself get into another horndawg like the last time.
by Peach November 05, 2003
A girl or boy who have restrained themselves from sexual relations because they are religious that they have so much pent up sexual frusteration that they resort to other methods of sexual release. EXAMPLES: Backrubs, play wrestling, pool chicken fighting.
Matt was trying to tackle me all night at youth group, he is such a Bible humper.
by Peach March 14, 2004
ass-fuckville. pity the fool who lives here. place where idiots go when eureka is full.
That fag over there must like it up the ass because he lives in Green Forest
by Peach October 16, 2003

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