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Adj. Derivation of Pacific Northwest American slang, early 21st century.

To have an ass which smells and looks like that of a hamster's.

By implication the person uses cheap toilet paper, is poor, and unwashed. The further implication is the person eats over processed food with little to no nutrition; therefore, their posterior is unshapely and the body can be likened to a pear, or hamster's figure.
"Have you seen the hamsterass on that trailer park bitch?"

"Jesus Christ! look at the hamsterass on the Wal-Mart greeter."
by Johnathon Mill October 31, 2009
Another lame insult which means "You queer".
*As a homosexual struts by*
Person: Damn! What a hamster ass!
by Uwarsbetty March 14, 2008
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