A small village in Southern Ontario, Canada, 30min from Whitby and 10min from Bowmanville. Its a really cool community, but the only reason people come to our town is for the corner store which sells alcohol. Also home to my bestest friend :) deven.
Me: "Ya know that cool little town just 10min away from here, kinda small, cool community?"

Friend from bowmanville: "umm no."

Me: "With the coffee time and that little crappy school called MJ Hobbs and the store that pretty much only sells alcohol?"

Friend from Bowmanville: " O HAMPTON!!!!"
by The one who is allergic to peanuts February 11, 2007
A city located in SouthEastern Virginia. This is a place where all who venture into its city limits will immediately notice their lungs becoming clogged by the thick smog that resonates so profusely here. Due to the cities own natural filth, all of its residents are extremely depressed which accounts for Hampton having the nations 2nd highest suicide rate, only falling behind Seattle. The overwhelming stench of the Hampton air smells like decaying blue crabs and hooker residue.

To sum it all up Hampton is a filthy city and you should roll up your windows and lock your doors when driving through it.
Lu: Do you know anyone that lives in Hampton?

Ben: I knew this guy Adam, but he jumped in front of a bus.

by Brasco November 09, 2007
a hockey term referring to a blatant, unearned rebound goal, where the goalie has no chance of saving it, and the player has no chance of missing it. often occurs when a player waits in front of the net all game waiting for a rebound
man that hat trick would have been nice....if your goals weren't all hamptons
by don cherry August 18, 2006
in the popular video game series halo, when you sit in the gunner seat of a warthog and hold down the trigger button while aimlessly sweeping around the map, killing no one and aggravating everyone.
Dude, look at that idiot hamptoning in front of red base...
by **bungie October 21, 2007
Some find this to be simple school in Pitt. A town of richies and a bunch of other people who think they're the shit cuz they got $$$ coming out of their ass the need to where a size 12 million pants. Their snobish attitude is bond to their ass kicked at least once in their gay lives. They don't have to work for anything because they're soooooo rich. At their football games, which mind you the SUCK, you have to pay $20 for the gum under the seats. They're pathetic! They would challenge you to a fight, but they would want money just to talk to them. Any school could kick their ass, they just have enough money to pay the refs. Hampton is a school where once the kids leave college, you see them in a cardboard box in a week.
Kid: How much for a soda?
Hampton vendor: $200.
Kid: Rich assholes.
by * no one * March 26, 2007

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