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A Hamooligan is a Lewis Hamilton fan possessing hooligan like traits. This new breed of Formula One fan was drawn in by the media hype surrounding Lewis Hamilton, therefore possessing a distorted perception of his abilities. To this end Hamooligans will often try to promote Lewis Hamilton to god-like status even surpassing the likes of Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

Hamooligans strongly dislike Fernando Alonso believing him to be an inferior driver. This is chiefly because Hamooligans started following F1 in 2007 when Hamilton made his debut season, therefore missing Alonso's two world championships in 2005 and 2006.

Hamooligans will always derail an F1 related thread into a slagging match of who the best F1 driver is. This is often typified by more knowledgeable members citing facts and figures only to be disputed by misguided and often emotional responses including insults.

Hamooligans sometimes believe Michael Schumacher left F1 because he was too scared of racing against Lewis Hamilton.
A typical quote from a Hamooligan;

"I think in the last 2 race Hamilton has proved himself to be the best driverin F1 today. For evidence, look at how he moved up the grid and made Webber look a complete arse. Hamilton had a fault with his car was going slowly, but it took Webber an age to get past him, spinning off once. That is the mark of a very classy driver. The storm over last weeks finish merely proves he is possibly the most competive sportsman Britain has. Schumacher was the same.

Button is a good driver but he's in the fastest car. He has already shown that he can't match Hamilton when driving the slower car as he rarely got a sniff of a top 3 finish."
by Dac1234 August 25, 2009

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