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A sexual position used with midgets. the midgets open their legs while the big person places them in front and begins to spin them around like one does in hammerthrow
Connor loves fucking midgets in the hammerthrow position.
by Connorlikeslittleones June 10, 2009
67 9
n. Perhaps the most arcane and archaic field event still contested at the Olympics and only marginally less silly than tug o'war or tossing the caber as a competition for grown ups. Strong lobbying by Canada and Scotland, who use hammer throwing in their cross-training for tossing granite rocks in ice-curling, keeps the sport from going the way of the Dodo and the standing fish-slap.

Do you think folks would watch the hammer throw if we made the competitors stand in deep sand and wear skimpy bathing suits?

by gnostic1 August 08, 2012
8 3
To throw a frisbee overhand as if you were throwing a baseball. The thumb rests on the inside lip of the frisbee. You can reverse your grip and the throw then becomes the Hebrew Hammer.
Person A: Hey dude, should I throw the Hammer Throw or the Hebrew Hammer around this tree?

Person B: Yeah dude, for sure. I'm gonna smoke this joint!
by Dave Red August 31, 2008
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