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The state of being so far beyond hammered and shitfaced that you combine the two into one kick ass word.
"Yo Kev, how drunk were you last night?"

"Man I was hammerfaced."
by PJZ, too many people use this August 03, 2008
A combination of 'hammered' and 'shit-faced' used to describe an unusually high level of intoxication. Typically used by college students on weekends to describe their inebriated state.
"Yo, Frank was so hammer faced last night he passed out in the snow bank."
by claylovesmen January 05, 2006
Just the most beat up female face on the planet. Any and everything is wrong with this individuals face.
You know what Ryan,
I could do a keg stand for an hour and a half and I would still rather have move my family into a ghetto like Santa Ana, Ca., than sleep with that hammerfaced trick!
by The Whammer Hammer January 03, 2009
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