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to ingest Yohimbe or viagra or any erectile stimulant before sex in order to make the penis harder then it naturally is. Intercourse performed during hammer cock sessions should be very rough and performed almost in it's entirety in standing up doggie style. The complete act is referred to as hammer cock, or hammer time for short.
"Have you ever had hammer cock"? "yo, last night, I gave that chick hammer cock"!
by BD the creator! July 10, 2008
A very large penis. A very well hung man.
Last night he used his hammer cock to pound me into orgasm.
by Scooter72 May 04, 2006
Word that defines a mountain of a man who is endowed with a giant penis having considerable mass.
When That guy enters the room swinging his giant Hammercock, there will be no women left for the rest of us.
by StinkySteve April 29, 2014
A revenge tactic in while a male tricks female into stand/holding a bent over doggy-style position. Then proceeds to run full bore towards ramming his hammercock into her vagina/anus thus impaling her and exacting revenge. Can also be applied to oral impaling.
"That hoe cheated on me so I hammercocked her ass!"

"My stupid teacher gave me a bad grade on my test so I hammercocked her mouth."

"Shut up or I'm going to hammercock your mouth!!"
by Gogogosan September 04, 2009

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