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A word filter on the steam forums thats transforms the word "Fanboy" into "Hammer Legion Member" to prevent it being thrown around so much.
Guy1: MW2 will be a great game, stop being such a PC Hammer Legion Member.
Guy2: Suck my balls you consoletards.
by felmcbadbeard November 05, 2009
"Hammer Legion Member" is a synonym for "Fanboy". It was first coined on the Steam User Forums. To prevent the word "fanboy" from being overused, the word filter system for the Forums will turn "Fanboy" or "Fan boy" into "Hammer Legion Member"

See: Fanboy, Consoletard
Guy 1: "I love EA. They're the best company and no one can dispute this."

Guy 2: "Are you insane? Or just a Hammer Legion Member?"
by BiGoDeViN September 29, 2012
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