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It is where you shit in a pillow case and beat your partner with it.
"Man, all these sex positions are getting boring. I'm gonna try the Hammer of Thor."
by DCexcel January 06, 2010
When in an argument or meeting, taking a shit in your hand and slamming it down on the table as you say your point. Argument over, meeting adjourned.
Man, Sam really put down the Hammer of Thor in that meeting.
by jakal03 August 15, 2012
The process of blowing a deep pool of man juice into your cupped dominant hand as a result of fellatio and then slapping your partner across the face with said soiled hand. Used as a way of exerting dominance or discipline.
Bitch was acting up, so I gave her the Hammer of Thor. Now she cooks me dinner every night.
by A-seven September 20, 2009
The sexual act of grasping ones member the second before ejaculation and squeezing to such an extent that your hand begins to shake. The desired effect being, the sperm redirects and shoots the opposite way back into the body causing you to trick your member (dick) into thinking it's on nut #2 without he sensitivity or need for a pause that comes with the second round.
But the move does have it's draw backs and the user will experience blue balls the following morning or day after.

Use with caution!
I almost came on stroke five last night when I was with my girl in bed but I pulled the Hammer of Thor" and I lasted almost an out and half.
by style September 07, 2014
When one guy runs at full speed at another person who is sitting down and they knock then over with their testacles, causing pain for both parties but humiliation only for one.
Austin got the hammer of Thor from Brandon while he was playing video games.
by Bmeking13 January 07, 2016
Handshake in which two people raise their right arm, forming a fist with their hand and then hitting said arms against each other.
Using the Hammer of Thor, Adrien saluted his friend.
by HammerThorOf January 21, 2009
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