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The process of blowing a deep pool of man juice into your cupped dominant hand as a result of fellatio and then slapping your partner across the face with said soiled hand. Used as a way of exerting dominance or discipline.
Bitch was acting up, so I gave her the Hammer of Thor. Now she cooks me dinner every night.
by A-seven September 20, 2009
In the standing 69 position, in the midst of passionate lovemaking, the man screams "TTTTTIIIIMMMMMMBBBBEERRRRRR!!!!" and jumps down a staircase in the pile-driver positon. It is advised that the man removes his penis from the woman's mouth prior to commencing said act.
My girlfriend's in a wheelchair for the next three years because of a violent Lumberjack Slam I unleashed on her three weeks ago. Freaking EXTTREEEEMMMEEE
by A-seven September 20, 2009
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