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A male or female who simply stares at the cotch of another male, the worst cases are when a person "zones" out and crotch gazes for several seconds or when you are in a bathroom while another man stares directly at your hammer.
it is not easy to catch a Hammer Hawker because many people engage in the activity.

Women are also engaging in this new activity also reffering to it as sizing the man... the larger the bulge = the larger the hammer.
" Hey man i swear that chick over there is a Hammer Hawker she keeps staring at my knob."

" What a fucking Hammer Hawker that guy is."

" I can't believe i just cock gazed, you don't have to tell me... i know i'm a Hammer Hawker."

"Hey! Quit Hawking my Hammer."

Sarah-" Omg look at the size of the bulge on that man"
Juilie-"Oh Sarah your such a Hammer Hawker."

"Holy shit you zoned out hardcore bro you Hammer Hawked for at least 30 seconds you fag."
by H/H King March 01, 2010