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Dessert food made from the semen of a pig (ham sauce) ,milk and flour. made in the same way as pancakes yet with a more salty taste and crusty texture. prep time 15min.
Ham: Anyone want some extra ham sauce on their Hamcakes?
by Sochi January 17, 2010
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An extremely buff person. They are made up of about 5% body fat or lower. Every vein in their body pops out when they perform any type of life task. They usually have a BMI of above 26 yet stand at a height of around 5'9. Essentially they look like an upside down ham while looking "caked up" on some type of steroid. Many people will ask if they are taking some type of steroid or supplement yet they will deny it.
Holy cow! Look at that ham cake! he looks just like Alex SR.

-Oh yea that kids a huge ham cake.
by zunit469 July 31, 2014
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a fat person with a big beefy red face
look at martys fat face jiggle when he runs, damn is he a hamcake!!
by KB March 12, 2005
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