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When a vagina has an obscene amount of extra skin, it slightly resembles a quarterpounder with cheese.
Damn Gina, I never ordered a hamburger with cheese, why didnt you warn me about your monster clam?
by Buzzzzzzzzzz August 10, 2006

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A cheeseburger in which the cheese was an after-thought. The cheese is placed on the patty after it is cooked, but before the top of the bun is placed on the hamburger, as opposed to the cheese being melted onto the patty while still on the grill (cheeseburger).
You: Excuse me waitress, I ordered a cheeseburger. This is clearly a hamburger with cheese.
Waitress: What's the difference?
You: Look it up on urban dictionary, skank.
by werdo terdo May 12, 2010