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While you are sleeping, your mini-me decides to give his trumpet salute which leads to some unwanted secretion laying on your belly.
Man, I woke up to some unwanted spunk on my belly, man I hate nocturnal emissions...
#semen #sleeping #cum #nocturnal #emission
by Buzzzzzzzzzz August 10, 2006
After your nasty slut orgasms so hard that she squirts, you lick up the puddle and spit it back into her oozing clam.
My girlfriend loves when I give her a reverse felching as she is never lubed enough for me after she orgasms.
#reverse #felching #felch #squirt #nasty
by Buzzzzzzzzzz August 10, 2006
When you Fist your nasty slut so hard that she orgasms so hard that she squirts like a fountain. There will usually be a substantial puddle...Some people will give her a reverse felching by licking up the liquid and spitting it back into her cunt.
I gave my slut the fisting fountain and nearly slipped in the puddle after she was done...I should have given her a reverse felching to save myself the clean-up.
#fist #fountain #puddle #vagina #squirting
by Buzzzzzzzzzz August 10, 2006
When a vagina has an obscene amount of extra skin, it slightly resembles a quarterpounder with cheese.
Damn Gina, I never ordered a hamburger with cheese, why didnt you warn me about your monster clam?
#vagina #clam #extra skin #hamburger #cheese
by Buzzzzzzzzzz August 10, 2006
Is when you are choking out your nasty slut until she passes out while simultaneously blowing a massive wad on her face before she wakes up.
I gave my girl an extra sneaky hitler, and when she woke up, she rolled over and gave me a kiss, and drooled my cum on my own face.
#cum #face #hitler #sneaky #kiss
by buzzzzzzzzzz July 27, 2006
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