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1. Girl whose face looks like she really really REALLY wants some ham in any shape or form, preferably liquified to save chewing time.
2. Girl whose face looks like it has been rubbed with a soggy piece of ham.
Danny: Man did you see her face? Looks like she wants a bucket of ham.
Robert: Yeah man if it didn't look like she rubbed a slice of ham on her face already I'd give her some sandwich.
Danny: God, what a ham face.
Robert: For real.
by Lowmein January 18, 2009
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1. A person who eats a lot and is lazy and stupid.
2. An American.
"You're all fat, oil-guzzling hamfaces!"
by B. Chunky November 06, 2005
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a person with a very red/pink face , lyk shes had alot ov ham piled on her cheeks t giv her this culer
"woahh luk at dat ham face he's as red as a fresh piece of sliced ham"

"shes a ham face girl, got the pinkest cheeks evah!"

"err shes got embaressd n gon all ham face" :)
by Kdotpizzzlee July 22, 2009
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