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A stretched out vagina after childbirth.
Damn that girl had 5 kids. I bet she has a ham canyon down there.
by Nshipl1 June 06, 2014
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A butt crack. The canyon between the two christmas hams round your rear.
"I was scrubbing out ol' ham canyon when I found a quarter back there!"
by David Ohno November 10, 2013
NOUN. 1)A virgina, pussy, cunt, gash, that has had years of pounding, and has developed quite a canyon!! The "lips" classify as the Ham. 2) A stage that the virgina has reached in its life. Next Stage would be the FULL OUT "MEAT CURTAINS" (See Deli-meats). "Roast Beef Sandwich no bread!! 3) A dirty whore, that has fucked a lot of big cocks and foreign objects
When in such condition, usually the term "Ham Canyon" will get longer (lips) by the fuck!!
If it wasn't for that chicks monsterous "Ham Canyon", we would or never gotten the shot of her "Moose-Knuckle" (I.E. Camel Toe) also (See Monster Hanging Lippage)
by Drew-Bomb October 13, 2005

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