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a.) Proper Noun. A word commonly used as a name, more commonly as a last name. Some use the last name as a nickname for a person who actually does indeed have the last name Halsey.

b.) A name rich in history in the Navy and Historical community (especially WWII).

c.) A very smart person, or a very not-so-smart person.

d.) a hall monitor, commonly referred to as a rat, nerd, or a four-eyes.

e.) It is a little known fact that in Greek Mythology, a God by the name of Halsenthia (later shortened to Halsey) ruled very much of sex and human pleasure. This included all sex acts, especially related to advanced positions and orgasms.
"Hello there, Mr. Halsey, my name's Sandra; wanna come home with me and hit the sack?"

"Let's blow this next class off. We'll just have to sneak past a Halsey and then we can ditch school"
by Jeff "The Thorn" H August 25, 2008
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A small Oregon town that only continues to survive because of: a large paper mill two miles west of town, and an amazing new trend to live far away from the workplace with S.U.V.'s at a time when gasoline costs more than your typical computer program or second mortgage.
Where the hell is Halsey?
by Alan E.L. April 16, 2008

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