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When you highly anticipate a new release of a video game in the Halo series. You are very excited for this Halo game and every time you watch promos or trailers you get goosebumps. When you finally have the game in your hands and start playing it for the first time, you get a sense of nostalgia about the whole experience. That same nostalgia can be expressed to your friends and family who also enjoy playing a game in the Halo series. Its very much a party sensation when you anticipate and experience a new release of a Halo series video game.
"After watching that new Halo gameplay trailer, I just got Halofied."
"I was Halofied waiting in line for the new release of the Halo game."
"I'm so Halofied right now playing the new Halo game for the first time!"
#halo #halo 4 #game release #halo: reach #anticipation
by the_studland October 24, 2012
the means of you, the player, and some other person playing xbox live with you , playing any halo game more then eating or drinking or using the bathroom , or any other natural funtions you have limted to play you halo game ...
hey dude i have my portable potty right here i dont have to leave this room and stop playing halo. " dude your comepletly halofied"
#halospassed #haloinfected #halowacthers #halohangers #captain or major in halo 3!
by &&FLY_PRINCE$$ October 31, 2007
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