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A party, mainly and usually consisting of boys and/or young men living with their mothers, where the Xbox titles "Halo" and/or "Halo 2" are derived as the main source of entertainment. Snacks and refreshments are optional.
I went to Jake's party, which turned out to be a Halofest.

Nah man, it's not a sleepover, it's a Halofest.
by Jacob A. Yohn October 15, 2005
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To get several people together for hours of Halo. Often lasts days or weeks. Very similar to a smash til dawn. Good Halo Fests require atleast 8 people for good 4v4 games, and cover slayers, CTF, and KOTHs. It's always topped off with all rockets at Prisoner. Sometimes lasts only a few hours due to people passing the fuck out from excessive drinking during the games.
Me: Yo, what you doin' tonight?
Bostick: Watchin' Grey's Anatomy.
Me: Oh hell no. We're havin' a Halo Fest, dude.
Bostick: Sweet. On my way.
by Stach23 June 05, 2007

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