A move in which a bi-curious male leaves a heterosexual encounter disapointed, and goes directly to a homosexual setting to finish.
Yo, man. Every time I go see a Michael Bolton concert... I end up doing a Hall and Oates to my poor girl.
by GMichaels January 14, 2011
Top Definition
A band made up of Darryl Hall and John Oates and is considered to be the best rock duo of all time. Their best song is 'Out of Touch'
I wasn't surprised to hear 'Out of Touch' on Vice City since it's such a fucking ausome song
by Matty J December 05, 2004
Two sexiest men ever, that produced the best music to come out of the 80's.Greatest song is "Out of touch" and the best live song is "Mrs.Jones".
All right Hall and Oates, turn this shit up and make out with me.
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
To leave from a location, or "hauling out".
yo kid lets bounce.

yeah we hall and oates.
by C-Noe October 07, 2008
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