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On a basic level, a "halg" is a break in a conversation that is being held over MSN. The length of a "halg" depends on circumstances, time of day and the people involved in the conversation.

The origins of this word have been much discussed by MSN professionals but many trace it back to Baron Von Halgenrust who used MSN while tending to his large fields of bee hives. The needs of the bees were so frequent that he could not engage in an online conversation for long and as such, used many a "halg" to keep his friends interested while gathering honey.
(Over MSN only)

Foe: so lol bout the last one
Cougzie: yeah, that was nice
Foe: oh hold on a halg
Cougzie: phone
Foe: no problems!
by Foe/Cougzie August 12, 2009
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