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Halferican came before Halfro-Aferican and is usually considered a "shorterned" term. However, instead of meaning "Half black and half 'other'" it actually protains to someone who is half black, and half white, and usually has a black father and white mother. Although one can be Halferican with a white father and black mother.
Shaqudona: Yo, Is dat bitch ovah there a nigga or not?
Laquanda: Nah, She's Halferican.
Shaqudona: Well damn, We'll fuck dat bitch up then.

Lauren is of Halfericn birthing.
by LAAAAAAIIINKOOOO April 01, 2006
Half black and half white person.
Dude have you see Danielle she's one ugly halferican!
by squrralz420 May 31, 2009