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50 pence. Or one half of one Great British Pound. A pound coin is gold in colour, hence the reference to a gold bar.
Blokeinnapub 1 "Oy! 'Ow much firra game o' pool iniss shittol 'en?"
Blokkeinnapub 2 "Arf a bar mate anna taker to er fuckincleaners annaw"
by flatley June 06, 2005

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To have half an erection.
*looking at cleavage*: "I've got half a bar right now"
by TurboPhoenix October 21, 2011
to express joy or understanding of any situation.
partygoer #1 "man i'm so smashed"
rest of the party "HALFABAR"!!!!!!
by CorioBrad March 03, 2007