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Intoxicated after a long day of drinking. Drunk, rambling, somewhat loud and obnoxious. Very aware that you are of an altered state. Full Blower status would be completely bombed, stumbling drunk.
I met the guys at the bar for a Bloody Mary around 9am and have been drinking since then. It's now 7pm, I got a half a blower on.
by Vanilla Thunder22 April 18, 2010

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Kind of, very intoxicated. You are aware that you are probably above the legal limit and are annoying everyone around you. Your card playing abilities are somewhat limited, but you still play anyway. You plan a lot of things with people and tell a lot of things to people, but forget about them the next day.
Yesterday was a long day. I had my first few beers around 10am and kept drinking all day. By the end of the night we were at the bar playing cards, but I had a "Half a Blower On" and didn't know what was going on!
by Vanilla Thunder 22 April 18, 2010