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Haleem is a special form of food, for oral consumption.

It is, to the human, what Kryptonite is to Superman, what sunlight is to vampires, and what Arnie is to the Predator.

It is said that he who consumes a full portion of haleem, has the powers to destroy any living organism in it's entirety - with a simple release of what humans call "fart". Not just THAT particular organism, but EVERY member of that biological species!

Scientists are, struggling but striving, to work on the physical composition of Haleem, and historians are researching its origins. It is believed that a few select members know of its origins; Rumour has it, that it was originally formed as a weapon of ass destruction, and the main goal of its creation was to wipe out masses of people - with the fumes that spread - in parts of the world where over-population is a serious problem. The rumour continues on to claiming that its origins were around East London, Leyonstone to be very specific, created by certain individual, in a kitchen. If anybody has any information, please, please, please, do not attempt to taste, smell or even approach Haleem. Just RUN!
1. Haleem has no examples, there is NOTHING like it! EVER! PERIOD!
by usmanali March 13, 2010
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