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In opposition to an arguement previously posted on this site, in a war between Sale and Hale, Sale would obviously win, i would first of all like to point out the mistakes in the previous arguement, Alty boys requires 7b's for 6th form. Also, although many people from Hale do attend both Altrincham Grammar schools, so do many sale residents, but the quality of a place cannot be measured by it's youth's academic achievement. Sale kids have way more street smarts than people from Hale, as we know not to go wondering around alone at night chatting up strangers and drinking on the streets, we get fake IDs and go to clubs;).

Hale is a repulsive place where all the poor little rich kids hang out who've got nothing better to do than complain about how they only have one jacuzzi and their parents wont buy them a private plane for christmas.

I should know i go to a school full of kids like this. These people think they're hard if they walk around dressed like chavs carrying plastic guns and they appear to think that the hair so fakely blonde, it's falling out and orange skin with handprints in is attractive; they are SADLY mistaken.

Resident of Africa; 'Hey who would win in a Hale vs Sale argument?'
Resident of Australia; 'Sale kids FTW'
by SALE KID October 15, 2010
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Hale is an awesome place where all the cool people hang out. It is known for its friendly inhabitants and welcoming surroundings. Sale on the other hand is a skanky little hole. Hale is often compared with Sale; the people who compare them are idiots as Hales awesomeness is too much for Sale so they have no chance. Although Hale is smaller than Sale this is no disadvantage to Hale as it’s about quality and not quantity and Hale is pure quality. Plus Sale needs the space for all the fat people that live there! Some may argue that Sale is better that Hale because it has two tram stops, this is not a thing to boast about as that just means that they are killing the environment as they cant be bothered to walk that little bit extra thus explaining there fatness. Sale is the home to many students at Sale Grammar School, to get into this school in year 12, the grades needed are two A’s and three B’s, whereas at Altrincham Girls and Boys (where many residents of Hale go) the grades needed are four A*/A’s and two B’s so I think we know which is cleverest. Hale is often visited by celebs, Sale by hoboes. Sale in French translates to dirty, nasty, unclean, foul, greasy, messy, grimy, lousy, grubby etc. and Hale in Filipino is “go on” which is positive and supportive ( like the people who live there).
Guy 1: Hey, look at that hot girl she's so pretty, kind and clever, she must live in Hale!
Guy2: Yeah, but look at her mate, she's well sketty she must be from Sale.
Guy 1: So true, they must be having a Hale vs Sale fight!
Guy 2: Hale is the best by miles.
by Hale Kid October 12, 2010
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