Hakeem exactly in arabic means the ruler or the judge and for these arabic dudes, Hakeem is considered a hot name as for example girls in american like names like "Aaron, Nick, Bryan, Mike..." in Arabic world "Hakeem RULEZ!"
Girl: Hey, can you see that dude over there, he's hott!
Girl2: Yeah, his name is Hakeem!
Girl: Ohh, I kinda guessed!
by iraqi-bitch-mafou March 05, 2005
Top Definition
a prince, a very sexy boy, has a million dollar smile, is an amazing boyfriend<3
hakeem is ashley's mannn(:
by 11.25.08<3 December 21, 2008
The Best person you'll ever meet. Most Hakeems are amazing boyfriends, and is super funny.
girl 1: woah whos that hunk?
girl 2: Oh that hottie? thats Hakeem.
girl 1: Dayyuuum hes fine. He single?
girl 2: nah hes very commited
by EasyBakeOvenFTW October 31, 2010
Buff! Sexy!!! Hot!!! Too much for words
i sure wudnt mind hittin dat from da back!!!!
by admirer June 15, 2004
Verb, to force events to line up in your favor, or to create good luck through sheer force of personality.
Alice is holding all the aces, but Bob can HAKEEM his way to victory if he sets up this straight flush.
by Avatarjk137 April 22, 2011
buffatuff! dat is 1 sexy arab!
i sure wudnt mind hittin dat from da back
by west June 15, 2004
a guy who goes to MKIS and has no life. He likes to fuck around and is a dumbass. He will have no jobs in the future and will live under a bridge. He's the worst person you could ever meet.
stop being like a Hakeem!
by Shittingpizza May 19, 2015

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