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"they" used to tell children that masturbating would result in a variety of physical maladies, including hairy palms.
If you masturbate, you'll get hairy palms.
by urbandictionary.com@mcrae.ca December 02, 2006
...Your typing with them....you make me sick!
Stop jerking off you'll end up with hairy palms.
by 13 March 26, 2003
masturbating, or used to describe a very sexy woman
ducked home for a shower and a hairy palm.

look at that! she's the fuckin hairy palm....
by lero July 31, 2004
all Wookies
Chewbacca's got hairy palms!
by MC Kokmobster December 25, 2003
People who are half monkey
Jeesus - that geezers got hairy palms, he must be half monkey
by Dave July 08, 2003